Sunday, May 22, 2011

In the room

I sat in a room with 400 others
There was talk of heaven and celebration
When it comes to death this community has it nailed
Heaven, reward, mansions, eternal retirement...

But in spite of the good news there were still tears and misty eyes
Siblings told stories
Mentors and leaders sang praises
Perhaps this person did no wrong

Death stalked and killed quickly
Likely an African legacy
"Craig has gone Home"
A servant whose task was done?

I felt alone
Though I expect there were other doubters laying low
What arrogance to doubt what the room knows to be true
Not just (but mostly) white upper-middle class Americanssome Africans too
Are we capable of self-deception at such a scale?
History suggests: Hell yes!  But our histories fail to challenge the community's truths

I wondered what they will say about me on that day
"He lost his faith and became a doubter"
"Seduced by the wisdom of men"
Perhaps I will get credit for time served

But it really doesn't matter
At that point I'll know the truth, or be past knowing
At one with eternity, or looking at time stretched out forever

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