Friday, April 23, 2010

Stone Tablets

Does God reveal itself
in incremental ways?

Forbidden fruit, unpleasing sacrifices,
near global destruction, murderous commands?

Blood soaked rituals foreshadowing
a human sacrifice

Abraham prophesies on the way to kill his son:
"God will provide for himself the lamb"

Sacrifice our lives to achieve eternal rewards,
toe the line to preserve the status quo
a stable community with mouths to feed and
a religious hierarchy to maintain

Someone to inform us of the rules and shame
our bad behavior

Is that God's plan?

This paradox-ridden mess called God's Word.
Inconsistent rules destabilizing our cultures and continually
mutating to serve someone's purpose.

In a fit of anger Moses throws and breaks God's handwritten notes
Astonishing it was such fragile stuff

Misplaced rageor a metaphoric
breaking of chains too heavy to bear?

Is it time for us to throw down an idolized Bible
no longer able to bear the label of Truth?

Perhaps that is the plan...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Primacy of Grace?

"Justice is the red haired stepchild of Grace"

 Stan Ebel