Saturday, August 28, 2010

Am I my others keeper?

Medical trips to exotic locations, the more dangerous the better
Mission trips to that orphanage in Mexico or Ecuador
Keeping those missionaries on location, or funding those frequent forays to Japan
Totally otherGod?  It requires no keeping, and can’t be kept
Giving to one is withholding from another

Echos of a struggling species, eking out an existence hunting and gathering
Numbers so small, even the weak are valuable
Breaking the bones to get at the marrow
No books, not much language, knowledge carried by the old
Death by so many ways, including birthing that baby with too big a head
That big brain that sees the other as more than just an extension of I
An independent being that knows it has being
That brain that recognizes that the other is not just outside but inside
And the inside is outside
Consciousness knowing that it will die, that it's unique in the universe
Not one with the universe, the environment, the pack, or the flockjust one

Giving to one is withholding from another, how do we decide
Some we can help, others just dienever fully formed, sick, hurt, or just old
Do we nurture youth or knowledge, build strength, or just hold our numbers?
Is that annoying elder worth the trouble when they don't even forage
One time when we move they won’t keep upproblem solved
The young an obvious good investment, a future meal ticket if they turn out alright

How do I decide what gifts I give
What sort of an economy should I expectbesides the handwritten thank you card
Do we need more than 6 billion people to preserve our DNA?
Extinction more likely from an excess of neutrons than starvation, or a hard winter
Extinctionnature pruning unsuccessful choices,  paths gone wrong, niches no longer big enough

My thinggiving to those that cross my path
Those bold enough to look me in the eye and ask, sometimes silently
Or nudge me with their need

Saturday, August 21, 2010


History in and of itself conveys the motif of a final repression of difference

--A slight re-configuration of Derrida's words from his essay: "Différance"